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Do not miss the exhibition of Thelma Smith’s quilts at Studio 1317 in Ventura. Thelma Smith empathically reveals the pathos of homeless life in our country in elegant, texturally rich tapestries as quilts.

In Studio 1317, these master works are hung as a forest in which the viewer is surrounded by humanity dealing with a very difficult life situation.

The intensity of Thelma Smith’s effort to reveal the truth of this national tragedy is seen on the reverse sides of the quilts where the multitude of quilting stitches create a ghost image of the front side. The beauty of the quilts calls attention to the basic human beauty of these citizens trapped in dismal lives.

Mounted for exhibition during February, the quilts are held over for March. The gallery at Studio 1317 at 1317 Ventura Avenue is open from noon to five on Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or by calling 818 554 9819 for an appointment

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