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Lynn Creighton

Lynn Creighton


This is the way Lynn Creighton speaks about the ecstatic female figures she has been creating since 1990.

Women awake to themselves hear the voice of their own truth as it speaks to them.

The figures in this gallery are experiencing the vibratory rate of their own life force. That vibration is the energy of the divine slowed down so that it may be seen.  It is the creative core at our center.  It contains the truth of our soul.

The bronze female figures inhabiting this space have awakened to the possibility of life continually sparked by life-force energy released within, constantly nourishing, stimulating, motivating.

These figures represent the possibility of meeting the fear of being seen, of not being right, of being misunderstood.  They are releasing themselves to themselves, acknowledging the challenge of life to be fully in it.  They are attuned to life as a blessing. They are open to their desires.  They stand in the middle of who they are and look out to the truth of the other.  They speak the truth recognized from deep inner knowing.

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